You know the rules from the previous page and now we move on to the next steps
Here is the application guide for your watch

1- The theme is free, you can upload images from your portfolio in the format or create something new, be my guest.
Remember to respect our rules .

2- Files in .JPG format must be 1920x1080px or 9:16 at 72 dpi

3- Remember to send images that correspond from 0-9 to the clock plus images for our publication, an avatar or photo of yourself or your workspace.

4- We will generate a profile + interview. We will quote your channels, galleries and online stores. * See Corvvs page as an example.
5- You don’t like interviews or don’t have time. That’s ok, send us a text about your work and we will attach it.

6- Upload the files to your watch and the photos to profile for wetransfer and send link for contact ( if you prefer interview let me know at this email )