You want to participate, collaborate, want a watch and be part of this project.
You can! Our agreement with you is

1- INKTimes, make it clear that you need to have an authorial project. The arts are generated by you and are your sole responsibility. Our idea is to generate an interview of the project plus the exhibition of your watch project.
2- The idea of INKTimes is to generate subject matter and documentation in visual culture, we can use the arts in our dissemination material and documentation whenever it happens we will quote your networks and contacts.
3- In INKTimes we will always curate the arts and we will interview you by order of submission, so we will put in the project only what is sent by you.

4- The INKTimes warns that racism, homophobia, fatphobia and transphobia or any other discrimination will not be tolerated. And if identified the contributor will lose their watch and space in our curatorship and community.
5- INKTimes seems simple but it took a lot of time and collaboration. If at any time you want to stop displaying your interview or wacth please contact us.
6- do you agree with all this? Then let’s go to the next step