What is INKtimes ?
The INKTimes is a project to dialogue about worked hours, portfolios and artists. In INKTimes the time is displayed in the 24h format and the number system is replaced by arts and illustrations in 1080×1920 format from guest artists and illustrators. Our idea as a project is to display the clock each week accompanied with an interview with each guest participant. At the end of the week the project enters our collection and can be used whenever the artist or illustrator needs.
We don’t want to be on social networks, we want to be a website with illustrated local time simple as that.
The INKTimes is a simple HTML+CSS +Javascript project idealized by Vital Lordelo a.k.a Vital Courage.
This physical project is in exhibition at JOIA in Lisbon Portugal and runs on Raspberry Pi.
It could be the first art and illustration clock in Portugal.
This project was possible and had the collaboration of several people :
Julia da Costa
Lena da Costa
Luiz Gavinho

This is my part-time independent project if you like it and want to collaborate we accept donations so that I can continue being a visual time guardian.