Vital Lordelo, 1984, Brazil, since 2007 is a visual artist. 

He works with drawing, painting and silkscreen and woodcut.
In 2012 he started a street art project and the occupation of public space through poster art. His base of work was initially to produce unique posters and later took up screen printing to multiply his prints.
The poster became his object and work support.
In the poster Vital works with the symbology of things in search of feelings, emotions and causes.

Foto: Julia da Costa 2020

He lives in Lisbon since 2016.
Vital is the founder of the Joia – Ourivesaria de Sentimentos platform in Lisbon.

And on February 18, 2023 he launched his little project INKTIMES, where he intends to talk about time and generate opportunity and dialogue on the most diverse themes and subjects. 
A clock that marks time paths and stories.
The project will invite visual artists, to the visual composition and construction of space time.

The idea is not just to be a paint watch and to publicize and interview artists, projects and creators.

Vital Lordelo site and instagram