Isabelle Juliano (1995) is a self-taught artist, graduated in Industrial Design from Universidade Federal Fluminense and currently attending post-graduation in Fashion Product Design. She was born and raised in the city of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. She taught art workshops during her academic life. In 2022, she was involved in the Jaguar Parade NYC event, her first international group exhibition.
How would you describe your work today?
Today, my artwork is free, I don’t limit myself to a certain technique or theme. In my art, the traditional and the digital complement each other. As a child I used to use my imagination to escape my own reality and could spend hours drawing dreams and fantasies. Currently it is not much different, I have been focusing on portraying female faces, always with elements of nature, surrealistic elements, and also some social impact art.

Can you briefly tell us about your creative process?
It usually starts with a blank page in my sketchbook and ink. Photographic references help me a lot when I want to represent diverse faces, serving as a base, a kick-start. After this moment, I use digital tools to finish it, adding all the details and visual information I want.

What are your references?
I carry around my sketchbook and ink to record any idea or even to train new techniques. I am always connected to art in some way, be it through museum tours, fairs, or music. That’s why I also find it important to follow other artists on social networks and get inspired.

Feminine Emotions

You artwork for this watch can you tell us about this series ?
In 2022 I started again to scribble portraits of women in my sketchbook, only with ink, finishing with all the elements and coloring with digital tools. The series is called Feminine Emotions (keywords: Wisdom, Resilience, Elegance, Courage, Gentleness, Lightness).

Where can we currently find your work?
Online store closed at the moment.
My social networks Behance and Instagram

Are you developing new projects ?
This year I want to deepen and develop better my artistic style.

Jaguar Parade NYC 2022

What do you project for this year ?
In 2022, I had the opportunity to participate in the Jaguar Parade NYC, which opened paths for my art that I hadn’t explored yet: I visited new places, met incredible artists, exchanged experiences in the live paintings that took place in the open studio in São Paulo. All this awakened in me a feeling of being present in environments where art happens and consequently generate partnerships.