Daniela Nunes living in Cartaxo Portugal and collaborates with our 10 inktimes

When did you start your work/project?

I was living in Cartaxo and working all over as a youth worker and facilitator on Human Rights Education mainly within Erasmus+ mobility projects. In 2017 I was selected to be a participant at a Training Course in Latvia called “Comics: Creating InterCultural Stories” aiming to explore creative learning tools to express personal stories of intercultural dialogue and to be used within our daily work with youth. During 10 days we were invited to learn and draw and I ended up using collage to express myself because I wasn’t able to draw. So when I returned home, I decided to challenge myself to draw everyday for a year. After one year and being able to witness my own process and progress I start slowly to share it on instagram here and there. Then I started experiment with digital drawing and later on during the pandemics in 2020 I decided to start a Sticker Club where people could monthly subscribe to it and receive at home 1 or 2 stickers with one brand illustration each month! A little something to brighten our days.

How would you describe your work today? 

I am still doing the Sticker Club every month (after a little break in2022) and on a technical level I am still growing, learning and improving as much as I practice (have to say also that drawing dates and the community at Patreon also have a great impact on my practice). As far as the message I am trying to convey, it’s very much connected with my professional path as a youth worker. For that matter I have been challenged to work in some projects around social causes such as Amnistia, Vegan Fest or Coyote magazine but also on a broader spectrum, a podcast or a sustainable beauty brand. 

Can you briefly tell us about your creative process?

I cannot just draw. Well I can, but I need something more. I need to communicate something and only after have it clear in my head, I am able to figure out the image. Without a proper message and the impact that can cause on others, I have trouble to be happy with any result. Most times I work fully digital but sometimes I start analog experimenting with different materials and then finish digitaly. 

Where can we currently find your work?

At the moment my instagram is my main broadcast tool and where I promote Sticker Club every month (subscriptions here)!  

You artwork for this watch can you tell us about this series ? 

Here you can find some of the designs from Sticker Club from the first one to most recent ones! 

Are you developing new projects?

I am currently trying to experiment with my illustrations into other forms such as postcards, keychains, magnets.. and try to start doing more markets in the future! Besides that, I would like to make a zine and illustrate my favorite short story from Clarice Lispector!