VIQUE INKTimes #09

Vique, 26 years old, is a visual artist and lives in São Paulo, Brazil. it’s our INKTimes

When did you start your work/project?

I started my work with illustration in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, as a way to develop a connection with myself that started from a different point of view than the external environment.

How would you describe your work today?

Currently, my work is based on experimenting with lines and strokes, both in digital art and in manual processes, exploring mainly the female figure and poetic writing.

Can you briefly tell us about your creative process?

My creative process starts from the perspective of female representation. My inspirations are always in women and figures from the female universe in different fields, whether for illustrations or texts. I tend not to sketch many drafts, but rather let the stroke be free on the page and freely run its course, so I trace organic shapes within my objective, which are not necessarily minimalist but simple strokes.

Where can we currently find your work?

My work can be seen on my instagram , behance and in my store.

You artwork for this watch can you tell us about this series ?

The works developed for the watch are part of my new collection called “Fractal Poetry”, which seeks to explore, through continuous blue, red and black lines, concerns about loneliness, the future and perspectives.

Are you developing new projects?

I am currently developing studies focused on muralism and graffiti, with the intention of reproducing my illustrations in large formats as well.