Gloria Goderecci, has a passion for drawing and a specialization in Comic Languages at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna , check out our interview with her and our inktimes.

1.When did you start your work/project?

I started drawing since I was little.  Let’s say I was born into an art family. My mother she was an illustrator, my father a photographer. The art that was breathed in the house meant that I too took on the passion of drawing and art in general, so much that we could say that drawing is an identifying trait of my person.

Indulging my passion for drawing, I carried out artistic studies from first the artistic high school and then the Academy of Fine Arts with the last specialization in Comic Languages at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

2.How would you describe your work today? 

My relationship with drawing is a constant search for forms and which actually translates into a constant search for my identity, which is in fact constantly evolving. This obviously means that my relationship with drawing is very intimate, but also very painful but undoubtedly necessary. Formally I am looking for grotesque shapes and figures that take from the everyday imagery also combined with a glamorous imagery with the result of something decadent and evocative at the same time.

3.Can you briefly tell us about your creative process? 

The creative process can change but for most of the occasions I take inspiration from what I have around me and try to fix the most interesting aspects of everyday life through sketches, then reworking them in a personal, caricatured vision that fits the comic style of my drawings. Even small details can turn into something interesting.

4.Where can we currently find your work?

My works are featured in some publications, especially self-productions of comics. But the main publication is a graphic novel released in January 2022 for the publisher Tunuè, entitled “La morte è solo l’inizio” (“Death is only the beginning”) written by Issak Friedl and drawn by me. The most up-to-date collection of more personal work is posted on my Instagram.

5.You artwork for this watch can you tell us about this series ? 

We could define the works presented in this exhibition as a series only from the perspective in which they belong precisely to my personal journey.  In fact they are works that were born in different contexts and are also mini-series, but they have in common the personal and stylistic research. However, as it is easy to see, my gaze is concentrated above all on the human figure, especially the female one. I represent disharmonious, unique, strong and weak female figures in their imperfections. I try to pay homage to the beauty of disharmony and normality.

6.Are you developing new projects?

I have several ideas of more or less concrete projects in my head, but we could say that my aspiration at the moment would be to continue developing my personal research, giving shape to an increasingly organic, recognizable and concrete world. And if we want also influential.